Friday, 11 November 2011

A walk on the wild side.

Yesterday evening saw myself and DD with a rare evening out. It was bliss to be out and having fun. We accompanied his Ma and Pa to a wine tasting evening. 72 wines and only 2 1/2 hours to taste them in. Can you imagine? However, sensible DD and I merely chose the few we thought we would like and those we were curious to try. I assure you, we tried some truly delicious wines.
After standing near the wine counters for around ten minutes in my wonderful killer red heels I started to gaze with longing at the central table and chairs. I dragged DD's ma, J, along with me on the pretext that she would be better off sitting while the men waited on us. Let's face it though. We all of us with fibro know it was an alternative motive that sent me tableward.
we settled ourselves down with out charts and glasses and the men fold did a sterling job of looking after us. (I'm not such a feminist that I can't accept help from my DD) Unfortunately we appeared to choose the table with the crazed drunken Irish woman sitting at it. There is always one and they always find me. She proceeded to tell us at least 30 times that she would never spend over £5 on a bottle of wine and she was only there for the craic. now is it genuine human nature for her to aggravate me like sand paper being rubbed over my teeth? Or was it the "aggravate everything" syndrome showing it's ugly head? Fortunately I have been raised to put on a polite mask and be nice so I didn't tell her to push off. To be honest she was vaguely amusing.
After our civilised gentle tipples we decided to go and find something to eat. We went to the Royal Hotel in Nottingham. It had all the ambiance of a morgue when we arrived. It was so empty they had shut the restaurant and just opened up a few tables in the lounge. Unfortunately I was finding the back pain caused by walking unbearable so we stayed and ate there. Luckily the ambiance picked up after half an hour or so as more people arrived and dinner was lovely. An evening meal that threatened to be a bit flat turned out to be very nice indeed.  It irritated me somewhat the DD's older parents could have quite happily moved on to a better location but my pesky pain put a dampener on out hunt of a suitable eatery.
God damn you fibro. Stop making me look like I'm an aging cripple. I'm still in my 30's for goodness sake. Give me a break!
A fab evening with DD and co though :)

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