Saturday, 14 January 2012

The next step

Well, the dieting isn't going very well. I still feel and look like a hippo with a liking for ethnic prints. I still feel like I am hauling around an extra person. There is indeed a thin girl in me. It just looks like I ate her!

Over Christmas we visited a friend who has a lovely bathroom. Of course after an indulgent shower, who can resist the scales sat lurking under the edge of the bath? With trepidation I dragged them out and with my eyes closed I stepped on. I was surprised at not hearing the cracking sound of the glass as I placed my second foot on. Then, slowly, oh so slowly, I opened one eye and looked down. After craning my neck to see my feet (not something that I have done much of lately) I focused on the flashing numbers.

Now, just two years ago when DD and I started out relationship I was under 12 stone. I spent the primary months of our relationship walking cliffs, beaches and woodland walks. Now I can't walk the garden path or the stairs without puffing like a Victorian Steam Train. To my horror I found myself a little under 17 stone. Five stone in two years? I can's seem to stop flip flopping between tears and laughter over it. 5 stone! It's  unbelievable!

The synthetic meds I had been put on 18 months ago have almost halted my metabolism. My diet has not changed very much. In fact it's possibly healthier. I no longer indulge myself with the all too often take out. The Chippy tea is nothing more than a rare treat. Granted DD and I do like a glass of wine or two but not to the level of that kind of weight gain.

I have stopped all the synthetic meds, as you, dear reader, well know. I am not fully recovered from the damage I felt they were doing. I'm not feeling a great deal better but I do have more good days and what is the point of filling one's body with chemicals if they don't help in any way?

Today I have  made a step in the right direction. I have held up the white flag of private struggle and asked for help from friends and family. Just the odd word of support and encouragement can make a world of difference. I have cut down on bread (this was no mean task). I have cut out caffeine entirely.  The wine consumption is hugely reduced to weekends only. (That will reduce further)
To cap it off today I went for a walk in Matlock Park with DD and the Pooch. The Pooch is good for exercise as not only does she need walking but she is too stupid to bring back the ball she loves to have thrown for her so you are never still.

I also picked up a supply of  5-HTP. (5-Hydroxy Triptophan) This amino acid is said to help with fibro, insomnia and even boost the metabolism while suppressing the appetite. There will be more on my findings of this supplement to follow.

Wish me luck!

Today I am 16 stone 11 lb....


  1. REally hope it all goes well for you, big {{hug}} from me; will pop back and see how you're doing :)

    Sarah D

    1. thank you Sarah. Gaving support is a blessing and priceless in itself x

  2. ((hugs))
    keep going steady. looking forward to seeing you soon