Thursday, 17 November 2011

Bye bye fat!

It's time I lost this excess weight. It's causing huge (excuse the pun) problems. DD is ever supportive and lovely. He says the loveliest things. It may have escaped his attention, but more likely he is not shallow enough to care, but I was around 4 stone lighter when we met. I feel like I am trying to lug around an extra person all the time. It's a weird feeling to sit or lay and actually feel heavy. I don't know if this is a normal feeling for an overweight person or if it is the fibro making it worse. All I do know is it is uncomfortable and feels revolting. I don't have a particularly bad diet. I don't eat any refined sugar. I don't indulge in an excessively fatty diet.
I know most of the weight went on when I changed meds. It is stated as a common side effect. However, I am hoping that removing that particular chemical from my body will allow my metabolism to recover.
I also need to exercise more. This however, brings it's own problems. It's a vicious circle. Need to exercise more, back and limbs hurt, less exercise, more weight piles on, more pain. 
I'm aiming for a cut down of fat, cut out alcohol (not had much success in that one as yet) start to excercise more. All done little by little.
If I don't see a difference in a month I think it is time to join a slimming club.
I have a new dress sitting waiting for me to fit into it. I WILL wear it for christmas!

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