Thursday, 17 November 2011

one step forward, two steps back.

Due to a variety of factors my body clock is all over the place. I sleep badly at the best of times. Last night I saw 4.45am before finally drifting off. Poor old DD was due to get up at 5 so his alarm went off after I'd only been sleeping for 15mins. I then spent a couple of fitful hours until time to command the children in school preparation from my bed. I'm lucky that they are old enough to be reasonably self reliant and DD is a saint who will step in when needed. I then got up and played around on the computer, drank tea and ate toast. All in the hope of staying awake.
Unfortunately, due to excessive weight and a deteriorated sacroiliac joint my back had other ideas. Even walking up and down the stairs today has been agony. So I meandered back to the comfort of my supporting pillow mountain with a book. I  awoke a couple of hours later, specs on the end of my nose and book in my lap. Ever U2 on the ipod didn't keep be awake.
I know I just have to wait it out for the anti d's to leave my system but I felt I was getting somewhere yesterday. Today I am grumpy and fed up! This could be constant pain, poor sleep, pmt, or frustration at not being able to move forward with my retraining. All in all I'm possibly not the happiest of bunnies today
So today I am grumpy, shaky, tired, spotty, hurting, dizzy, have pins and needles in my hands and feet,
and feeling sick!
God damn you fibro!

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