Sunday, 6 November 2011

A dynamic change.

Ok, so here I go.
I've decided to keep this blog because I want to see the difference and keep a not of the changes I make. I want to be able to look back to find inspiration and to see how I have made mistakes. I want a document of my journey with fibromyalgia.
I am currently at the worst (health wise) that I have ever been.
My home life is wonderful, my relationships with those I care about are giving and nurturing. I do have stressful aspects to my life. There are one or two loose ends that need to be tied up. I hope tying them will make a difference.
However, I feel a frank and honest account of my health and lifestyle can only be a good thing. In addition by having it on-line I hope others will find it helpful.
I am only 37 and feel about 80. I have a long life ahead of me (I hope and want to live it to the fullest. I want to have a life of creating wonderful memories and collecting cherished smiles. Both from myself and those around me.
My beautiful children deserve a childhood filled with joy and laughter, not a mother who is permanently in bed or in pain.

My darling A (the sparkle in my life) is a wonderful and giving human being. I will always do my best to keep our relationship happy and fulfilling. I will never take for granted how good he is at dealing with my illness and being understanding and caring. Due to all these qualities he deserves a partner he can share life and adventures with. We love the outdoors and he deserves to be able to enjoy them to the full extent rather than a touch towards it and tiny wary steps.

I plan to make some changes. Some of them big and some of them tiny.  I plan to take them one step at a time.
I was once told by a very good friend the one teaspoon at a time a person can move a mountain. It's time to raid the cutlery draw and get on with it.
Wish me luck!