Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Things that go bump in the night

and drip, drip, drip; meow; scratch scratch scratch; claw, claw, claw.
When one has a raging bout of insomnia even the most peaceful and restful place in the world can seem like the noisiest.

 I am currently having a foul dose of insomnia. My body clock is kaput and I am exhausted.
My dear DD is a nocturnal rambler. This is actually not a problem and rather amusing. I do my best to remember all his quips about expendable legs and dreams about cat food for both of out amusement.
The problem is every little noise through the rest of the night. I have a beautiful pooch who snores like a warthog no to mention scratches in the middle of the night. And three cats. Slinky is a right obstreperous madam who has taken to knocking things off if they get in her way. Even at 3am! Harry is vocal at a variety of silly times and likes to announce when he is entering a room. And then Buffy who has taken to clawing the carpet to get attention. This works as she knows we will get up to stop her causing pounds worth of damage.
Then there is the condensation and.or guttering dripping in the rain. Drip, drip, drip. There is the flash of the carbon monoxide monitor that lights the room like a solar flair. The blinding glow of the clock and the sound of my own breathing.
Let's not forgo the sleep depriving agony. When  asked how I feel I only ever tell DD the truth. But for you dear reader, here goes. Imagine you have just run the London marathon. With ten pond weights on each limb. Been hit by a buss on the way around and had someone pour acid into your muscles. Then you take a hot knife and slip it between your joints and prise them apart. Add in an excruciating headache and an inability to make your back work and bingo you are half way there.
Is it any wonder I can't sleep?
Don't get me wrong. It isn't always like this. Sometimes I feel fine. 
One thing I will always try to do, though is stay sunny. I'm probably going to have times when I feel like this throughout my life so what would be the point in being miserable about it? I can't change who I am! I can however, try to control it and live a full and memorable life.
In the mean time. Sleep, perchance to dream!

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