Friday, 11 November 2011

Rip Van Winkle

The insomnia is going from bad to ridiculous.
To aid the insomnia I thought it would be a good idea to try to reset my body clock with Nytol. Not a bad decision as I'm aching less and have caught up on some sleep. Unfortunately I don't think catching up on sleep at the rate of 14-16 hrs a night is idea. Yesterday I slept until 2pm.  If that wasn't bad enough I halved the dose yet still slept a similar amount today. Where is my life going? I don't want a life of dreams and snoring. I want a normal sleep pattern.
Is that too much to ask?
I have my Ma and Pa visiting tomorrow and am growing concerned I may end up face down, snoring in my lunch.
I dearly hope I'm not going to wake up one morning and find that I've slept for 20 years and missed my children growing up or DD has moved on :0

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