Thursday, 28 June 2012

Limbs of Lead.

A sunflower because they make me happy :)
I would like, first to say sorry for my absence in the last month. I have been keeping my head down and getting on with my Massage diploma.
It's in the bag, so to speak. I'm just waiting for the results of the final and to book my last two clinic days.
I am feeling quietly smug regarding the diploma. I found it rather easy. do bear in mind that I had covered much of the course with the previous diploma in phytotherapy.
The down side is that due to excessive typing and sitting at the computer I am now suffering from "lead limbs".
I awoke in the early hours of the morning and couldn't bear to even have the covers over them. I have sore and tender skin and the muscles feel like I have run a marathon. The really painful parts though, are my arms. My elbows, wrists and fingers are throbbing and feel like they are swollen. I also have muscle burn in the tops of my arms.
No doubt a couple of days rest will cure this.
I can't see it stopping me from typing though. Painful though it is I have projects I want to make a go of.
Perhaps I shall just take things a bit slower.
I also spent a week or two without any supplements (I had squirrelled them away and couldn't find them, the joy of fibro fog).
Back too it now though.

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  1. Take it easy, hope you feel better soon; well done on all the hard work, have been following your progress with it all :)