Sunday, 19 February 2012

A day out at Dovedale.

Today heralded a clear, blue almost spring like sky. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and only the most nocturnal among us wouldn't desire to be outside.
I long for the warm balm nights of Summer time and the hot humid days. I crave the sunshine and feel so much more a part of the human race in the warmer weather. I also love to see the spring bulbs poking the heads above ground, the spring lambs dot the fields and watch the green hills turn from bleak brown/green to such a lush green you feel the urge to roll down hills with the kind of abandon you had as a child (well I did anyway)
On a day such as this there was only one place top be, Dovedale!
After a late breakfast of scrambled eggs oin toast we loaded the chillun and pooch into the car and made our merry way there. The view of the rolling hills of the Derbyshire Dales as our backdrop, even the drive there was a pleasure.
Of course in try fibro flare up style I was exhausted before we even arrived but, I still had a smile on my face. A day out was just what the family needed. Time to relax and enjoy each others company.
We parked up and there came my first challenge. I got out of the car and eyed the crutches I had loaded into the car with loathing. Now, I faced a choice. I could shun them as I have done thus far. To proud and stubborn to give them a chance. Or I could use them. As ever, DD came to my rescue. "What if I carry them and you can use them if you really feel you need to?"  He really is perfect :)
It didn't take a great distance before the pain in my back, hips and legs wiped away any trace of vain pride and I was using them.
"Well DD, this is the day I admitted defeat" Was my comment with a rueful smile.
"Not at all! This is the day you used the tools you have to improve your health"
I do believe that every girl diagnosed with fibro should be prescribed their very own DD! Anyway, enough of singing his praises ;)
Unlike a recent trip to Carsington Waters, I made it for a good mile and a half or so. We crossed the stepping stones and the Pooch had a wonderful run. Although, she did act the tart. She is clearly coming into season and one or two less gentlemanly pooches noticed.
The Chillun climbed Thorpe Cloud while DD and I took the pooch along the river, and then back to wait for them at the bottom of the wee, little mountain.
We had a leisurely drive back home and I decided I would have a quick 40 winks before making dinner. I ended up sleeping for two hours but felt better for it. I made us a hefty cottage pie with gallons of veg. then the chillun hopped off to bed.
I have had a splendid day. I am in agony now (of course) but I feel like this time I have earned it.
The chillun may have climbed Thorpe Cloud but I have also conquered one of my own mountains today. The crutches may not be my idea of chic style but they do at least get me from a to b with less fuss.
Throw out the pride and embrace achievement!

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