Thursday, 8 March 2012

Setting goals.

There is nothing like setting a goal to speed along weight loss.
DD and I have decided we would like a weekend break to Centre Parcs for a joint birthday pressie in the beginning of May. Lord knows we need one. DD is working more hours than any man should be allowed and I am feeling run down and off colour.
The problem is that out last holiday, also to centre parcs, was over 18 months ago and I weighed considerably less.
I love walking through the country paths and not to mention cycling. Well, the very idea of my climbing on board a bike at the moment is laughable. First, I would need a reinforced frame. Second, I would look a sight. Third I would be agony.
The next issue. Swimming. Who would feel confident in a swimming costume in my state? I sure as hell don't.
Now there is no way I will get to the prior weight in just eight weeks but losing 3.5 lb a week is doable.
I could shed two stone in the given time.
I have started as I mean to go on. I am about to do the on-line food shop, and I will NOT be buying wine. 
Lord, give me the strength to do this.....

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